Critical Memory Studies for the Posthumanist Age

(Image: Alicia Milesi-Ionescu) Critical Memory Studies for the Posthumanist Age Arleen Ionescu, Laurent Milesi and Stefan Herbrechter As direct witnesses of last century’s major historical events, such as World War II, began disappearing, new memorial paradigms, together with a more pliable, creative understanding of memory itself, started flourishing to compensate for the irreversible loss of […]

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In Posthumanism: A Critical Analysis, Stefan Herbrechter suggests that it ‘would indeed be difficult to overestimate the Nietzschean influence on posthumanism’.[1] Certainly, posthumanists of different stripes like to reference and quote Nietzsche, and some even claim him as one of their own. Yet, his reception is as varied as the motley group of schools of […]

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